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Do not eat the giant M&Ms.

M&M's World

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Location: 3785 S. Las Vegas Blvd., next to the MGM Grand

Our thoughts: This is basically a huge M&M's store, with every possible variety of M&M's and M&M's-related merchandise for sale. Even though it's just a store, it's still pretty cool, because it's so huge and has so much M&M's stuff that you probably didn't know even existed. It's on four levels connected by escalator, and as you enter and then advance to each level, you'll be impressed each time by the variety of stuff.

I've been to the Hershey's store in Times Square, but this M&M's World went a full order of magnitude farther in terms of the variety and coolness of stuff.

When I went, I bought two small bags of caramel M&M's. I had never seen that flavor anywhere else before, and I've never seen it anywhere else since.

Tip: If you blow your money here, at least you'll walk away with some stuff or a sugar high. If you blow it at the casinos, you walk away with nothing.

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