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FAQ about Taquitos.net

More questions answered: Chips FAQ | Chicken or Tuna FAQ | Interweb FAQ

Q: What is Taquitos.net?

A: Taquitos.net is the most comprehensive snack food site on the Interweb, featuring independent reviews of more than 9000 snacks from more than 1700 companies. We also write about other non-snack foods that pique our interest.

Q: Does Taquitos.net have a Facebook page, Twitter account or RSS feed that will let me keep track of the latest snack reviews?

A: Yes, we have all of those things! Get info on the Subscription Page.

Q: Do you manufacture chips?

A: Nope. Mainly, we eat chips.

Q: What kinds of snacks does Taquitos.net consider for review?

A: Primarily, we consider the six major food groups: Potato Chips, Popcorn, Pretzels, Cheese Puffs, Tortilla Chips and Corn Chips. We'll generally try any other kind of salty snack as well. We'll often consider any snack that comes in a bag that roughly resembles a bag of chips. Any item that has the word "snack" somewhere in its name will usually receive consideration. We normally won't consider snacks that require refrigeration to store or need to be cooked before being eaten. Beyond those criteria, we decide on a case-by-case basis whether each item merits a review.

Q: Why won't you review snacks that need to be cooked or warmed up before eating?

A: It's just too much work. Snacking is supposed to be a leisure activity.

Q: How do you find all of those chips?

A: We search for chips everywhere we go — whether it's grocery shopping, vacation, business travel, or just lunch. We don't smoke or buy lottery tickets, but somehow we end up stopping at a lot of convenience stores (and inevitably end up in line behind someone buying cigarettes and lottery tickets). Also, some chip manufacturers have sent us samples of their products.

Q: Do you guys really eat all those chips?

A: Indeed we do. Every chip that is evaluated on Taquitos.net has been tasted by a Certified Snack Food Evaluator.

Q: Since I first went online a few weeks ago, I've visited — literally — dozens of different Interweb sites. Of all the Interweb sites out there, which one is the crunchiest?

A: Taquitos.net is the crunchiest site on the Interweb.

Q: My snack was deficient in some way, such as being not as delicious as I might have liked, having the wrong flavoring, having no flavoring, being stale, being broken, being completely empty or containing shards of metal. What should I do?

A: You probably shouldn't eat it. At least not the metal parts. I'd look for another bag.

Q: Forgot to mention, I'd like to extort a large settlement from you as a result of my complaint. How long before my check will arrive?

A: Can't help you much with that. If you're looking for satisfaction regarding a complaint, you should contact the company that makes the snack or the store where you bought it. Or, just don't buy that snack again. If you insist upon being litigious, contact an attorney.

Q: Can you send me coupons for free or discounted chips?

A: Unfortunately, we don't have any coupons, nor do we have the power to issue them. You might want to contact the manufacturer of the chips you're interested in, or check your local Sunday newspaper.

Q: We're holding a school or charity event and would like a donation of thousands of bags of chips. Can you send us some?

A: We don't make or distribute the chips, so we don't have thousands of bags to give you. Probably you should contact a snack manufacturer or retailer with this request.

Q: How do you determine which snacks will receive favorable or unfavorable reviews?

A: Our reviews are based on our own appetites, tastes and expectations. We call them as we crunch them.

Q: I completely disagree with one of your reviews. Do you guys realize that you're unquestionably, undeniably wrong?

A: Nope. The reviews represent our own opinions. If you'd like to share your opinions on a particular snack, please use the comment box beneath each review. Or post general questions about snacks in our Chip Talk Forum.

Q: Do you give special treatment in your reviews to companies that sent you samples?

A: No. All companies receive equal treatment.

Q: I'm a snack manufacturer, but my product isn't yet reviewed on Taquitos.net. Can it be added?

A: We're always looking for new snacks, so we'd be glad to try yours. Please let us know what you've got at chiptasters@taquitos.net.

Q: I'm a snack manufacturer or vendor interested in opportunities to promote my products on Taquitos.net. Where can I get more information?

A: Please e-mail requests to advertise@taquitos.net.

Q: I'm a member of the press. How do I contact you?

A: The senior staff of Taquitos.net would be happy to talk to you about our site and our passion for all things snacky. Please e-mail requests to press@taquitos.net.

More questions answered: Chips FAQ | Chicken or Tuna FAQ | Interweb FAQ

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