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Remdawg's on Yawkey Way

Location: Across from Fenway on game days

Our thoughts: Jerry Remy (Remdawg) was a pretty good second baseman for the Red Sox back in the 70s and 80s, but he has gained even more fame as a great broadcaster (along with sidekicks Wally and Don Orsillo).

Now the Remdawg has expanded his empire with own restaurant outside Fenway Park, one of several food concessions that pop up along the Yawkey Way concourse on game days. Facing away from the park, Remdawg's is on the far left, to the left of Twins Souvenirs.

The namesake Remdawg is a positively enormous hot dog. Think of a really big hot dog, then think even bigger. Well, it's even bigger than you're thinking. For the weaker-stomached, they also sell a much smaller Rempuppy. And they've got more than just dogs on this menu, also offering Italian and Portugese sausage, plus pulled chicken. The condiment area on the left offers a nice selection of special homemade relishes.

On certain days, Jerry hangs out with fans at Remdawg's before heading up to his broadcast booth. (We haven't timed things right to meet Jerry yet.)

When the weather is right, NESN sets up a stage in front of Remdawg's and broadcasts its pregame show from there, so you might get a chance to meet former players including Sam Horn, Dennis Eckersley and Jim Rice, not to mention the famous Tom "TC" Caron.

Prices for all of these dawgs and other fare are high, but really no higher than anything else within Fenway.

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