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Craig's List of Wacky Company Names
Real names of real companies that sound like they can't possibly be for real

By Craig Stedman
Wacky Names Editor, Taquitos.net

Should make snacks (but doesn't)

Crunchy Technologies — "a technology services and e-business consulting firm"

Colorful animals and other animate objects

Ants.com Inc. — "developer of technology that keeps address books up to date"

Automatic Duck Inc. — a vendor "targeting the nonlinear editing and effects industry"

BlackHog Inc. — maker of "the first collaborative direct materials procurement app"

Blue Squirrel Inc. — software that lets users "be more productive with information"

Chatfish — "the new leader in powering the richest interactive experiences"

GigaAnt — "external and customized antennas for short-range wireless devices"

MonkeyBoy Technologies LLC — an ASP "of carrier-class Internet travel services"

New Pig Corp. — "the leader in the industrial maintenance industry"

Orang-Otang Computers Inc. — "the wearable computing company"

Pink Elephant — "one of North America's leading IT education providers"

Purple Mutt Enterprises Inc. — makes "an end-to-end contact management solution"

Red Gorilla — "the application syndication company"

SixtyFootSpider — "an interactive communications company"

Turbo Squid Inc. — "the online 3D content vendor"

Even more Kodachrome moments

Blue Martini Software — "a provider of e-CRM applications"

Blue Pumpkin Software — a maker of "multi-channel workforce management software"

Green Pasture Software — makes software that "manages controlled documents"

PurpleYogi Inc. — a software vendor "bringing awareness to information networks"

RedSalsa — "a healthcare technology consulting and solutions provider"

White Pajama — "a provider of customer contact solutions"

New economy buffoonery

BabyPressConference.com — "the only live, full-motion video online maternity service"

BigFatWow Inc. — "provides free high-speed Internet access in public areas"

C Me Run Corp. — Internet company "offering consumer-focused application services"

Cybermoola Inc. — "a pioneer in cash-based payment for shopping on the Internet"

Digital Chainsaw — "a Florida-based Web hosting and systems integration company"

eCom eCom.com Inc. — makes "compression and Geo Symbolic Encoding technology"

eWinWin — "a B2B service that lowers costs through demand aggregation"

FreshBreathRUs.com — Web site that has "declared war" on chronic bad breath

Gazoontite.com — an online retailer of asthma and allergy relief products

GooMoo! Inc. — a maker of "multimedia Internet application technology"

Hitsgalore.com Inc. — "a rapidly growing B2B Internet company"

InsuranceNoodle.com — a "complete online insurance solution for small businesses"

Noosh Inc. — B2B service for "the enterprise communications supply chain"

Obongo Inc. — "creators of the i-personalization platform"

thatbank — "a global provider of e-commerce solutions"

wwWhoosh Inc. — "an end-to-end Internet acceleration software company"

Certifiable headscratchers

Allmystuff Inc. — "the leading provider of product ownership services"

Alottafun! Inc. — owns "a B2B hub Web site for manufacturers and retailers"

Anserity Inc. — "a leader in natural-language search and navigation technology"

ASP*n LLC — "an enablement and incubation firm" focused on the ASP market

Covansys — new corporate name derived from "co," "advance" and "system"

Gobosh Inc. — an acronym for Go Big or Stay Home, which "expresses our philosophy"

!hey software inc. — "a leading provider of contact center and voice technologies"

Oingo Inc. — "the leader in meaning-based technology"

Surgency Inc. — "reflecting the e-business dynamics of change, speed and urgency"

Trisiras — the name shows the company is "reliable, secure and customer-focused"

Venetica Corp. — new name taken "from Venetic, the ancient language of Venice"

WowRing Inc. — "a leading voice-over-IP service provider"

YadaYada Inc. — "the first integrated wireless Internet service provider"

YottaYotta — "the yottabyte netstorage company"

Zaiq Technologies Inc. — a new name "that's a variation of the word 'mosaic' "

0-In Design Automation Inc. — chip design tools "that zero in on functional bugs"

ZixIt Inc. — a maker of security and privacy tools for Internet users

Zzyzx Peripherals Inc. — a maker of "innovative disk and tape storage solutions"

Less than appetizing corporate names

Delirium Corp. — "a leading digital professional services firm"

Dirty Water Integrated — "a branding services and marketing firm"

Droplet Inc. — "an Internet application and content enabler" and Delirium partner

Kablooe Design — "an innovative full-service product design and development firm"

Slob-Trot Software — it's Finnish, so probably not really funny but what the heck

ThingWorld — "supercharges interactive content for entertainment and sports sites"

Watchout! Inc. — "a business facilitator"
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