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SmacklePuffs Smokin' Bacon Flavor

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SmacklePuffs Smokin' Bacon Flavor

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Bacon Flavor Snacks (92 snacks)
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Stand up for Monster Munch!

English author Danny Boy Bent strikes back to defend Pickled Onion Monster Munch after Taquitos.net listed it among the Worst Chips Ever.

Doritos Loaded arrives at 7-Eleven

Doritos have taken yet another new form. They are selling Doritos-flavored, Doritos-shaped fried cheese at the world's largest convenience store chain. So we ate some.

Snacking gets fancy at Fancy Food Show

The annual Summer Fancy Food Show in New York was a great showcase for lots of savory and salty indulgences

Popchips really makes the big time

Frito-Lay has joined the parade of companies selling snacks that seem to very closely resemble the increasingly popular Popchips.

Play ball! And don't forget to eat ...

With baseball's Opening Day upon us, I compiled some of my favorite food moments from visits to Spring Training over the past five years.

News from Crunch News Network

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Cheetos gets a cinnamon sugar version: Sweetos

full story from USA Today

Man buys lottery tickets to get change to buy sandwich, wins $10 million

full story from Associated Press

Man steals 2 bags of shrimp from supermarket, tries to sell it to restaurants

full story from Universal Hub

Kickstarter campaign seeks to revive Dr. Gonzo's Uncommon Condiments

full story from masslive.com

Pizza Hut Australia offers crust made of Doritos

full story from Time Magazine

Chips stolen from Doritos truck stranded in Buffalo snow storm

full story from syracuse.com

Wasabi Ginger is winner in Lay's flavor contest

full story from Associated Press

Simpsons Snacking!

Homer Simpson eating a sandwich

Homer is our culinary hero! So we've compiled quotes from the Simpsons about snacks, breakfast, lunch, eating out, drinking and more.

Snacking with the Simpsons

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Euro Marble Cake

Cheez-It Crunch'd Cheddar Cheese

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Mazsālītas, Kūpinātas Cūku Ādinas Ideāla Uzkoda Pie Alus Dabīgas