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Rave Jalapeño Cheddar Flavoured Potato Chips

Random Snack

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Rave Jalapeño Cheddar Flavoured Potato Chips

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What We're Eating

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Hold the chicken!

The tortilla shell has gone away! This new item from Taco Bell is enclosed entirely within fried chicken.

Turkey potato chips are taking over!

Happy Thanksgiving, and here's hoping for many more turkey chips to come!

It's Cheetos everywhere!

I think it's a good thing that they keep finding new ways to give various Cheetos products an ever-increasing share of people's diets.

"Cheetos Popcorn" has revolutionized baseball

Whoever though of mixing together Cheetos and cheese popcorn and selling it at the ballpark is a genius!

Mac n' Cheetos comes to BK's deep fryer

Fast food's latest gimmick is a Cheetos-shaped, supposedly Cheetos-flavored, deep-fried mac & cheese.

News from Crunch News Network

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Amazon exploring shelf-stable, prepared meals

full story from Specialty Food Association

Cheetos-themed pop-up restaurant to open in NYC

full story from NBC 4 New York

Lyft drivers go loco about service adding a Taco Bell drive-through stop option

full story from USA Today

Schumer calls for FDA to investigate snortable chocolate

full story from Specialty Food Association

Robot Colonel Sanders comes to KFC for Fried Chicken Day

full story from QSR

Dunkin’ Donuts steak-and-egg sandwiches don't contain steak, lawsuit claims

full story from Boston Globe

Woman sues Jelly Belly, claiming she didn't know the beans contain sugar

full story from sfgate.com

Simpsons Snacking!

Homer Simpson eating a sandwich

Homer is our culinary hero! So we've compiled quotes from the Simpsons about snacks, breakfast, lunch, eating out, drinking and more.

Snacking with the Simpsons

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Lay's Wavy Cheddar

Loacker Cremkakao

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