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Houdini's Magic Shop

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Location: New York New York Hotel, 2nd level

Our thoughts: This isn't the first or only magic shop in Las Vegas, as we've seen several in the shopping areas of different casinos, but we always stop in here on our way from the Excalibur to the MGM Grand (it's in the little shopping area they make you walk through). The shop is located across from the Coyote Ugly bar and next to the photo store where they put your face on a famous body or magazine cover.

The shop is a great place to watch magicians try to sell people little magic tricks, so it's a great place to kill some time and see if you can figure out the secret. Of course, they won't tell you how they did the trick unless you buy it, so don't expect to come away with a lot of knowledge unless you bring some cash.

In addition to a wide variety of different magic tricks, the store also carries a bunch of practical jokes such as fake vomit, joy buzzers, whoopie cushions, etc. If you're looking for things like that, check out the selection here.

Tip: Try out a few card tricks -- chicks dig card tricks.

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