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At top, the boat where the shirtless pirates come in. Bottom photo, the boats where the scantily-clad Sirens are situated.

Sirens of TI (pirate show)

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Location: Outside Treasure Island (aka TI) hotel, Las Vegas

Our thoughts: Back when the Treasure Island hotel was actually called Treasure Island (now it's called TI), they had an outdoor pirates vs. the English show that featured lots of fireworks, cannon explosions and a sinking ship. It was a very cool show, and was constantly crowded (in order to see it you would have to stand around in your spot for at least 45 minutes).

The crowds may still be there, but they're getting a sub-par show compared to the original. As part of TI's "adultification", they got rid of the English navy, added scantily-clad women (who now play the role that the pirates played), and told all of the pirates (who move to the former English boat) to take off their shirts.

The result is a more "adult" show in which the shirtless pirates are lured into the "Siren's Cove" and then the battle begins. Ugh.

Normally we're not against scantily-clad women in a show (heck, Vegas is full of them), but there seems to be less fireworks and special effects, and more bad acting, singing and dancing. The show has added several musical numbers that make a Britney Spears video look like Academy Award material. If you had never seen the original show you might be entertained (after all, it is a free show), but we long for the original. It's definitely not worth standing around for 45 minutes waiting for the show to begin.

Tip: If you're going to be eating at Treasure Island, go to one of the restaurants that offer a view of the show, 'cause then you can sit down and eat while you wait for the action.

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