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Roysters Bubbled Chips T-Bone Steak Flavor

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Roysters Bubbled Chips T-Bone Steak Flavor

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Taste test: The bubbled chips actually do make them crunchier.

Not much of a steak taste, you have to do the "tongue" test in order to taste the steak flavoring. Once you do that, it's a pretty good steak flavor. Some residue (at least it's dry, not oily) stays on the fingers. Would like to try some other flavors with the bubbled chips to see how they taste.

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Smell test: Odd smell, smells kind of like steak sauce. But something else is weird in there too.

From the package: “Royster's Bubbled Potato chips are bubbled for a reason. They're baked to bubble for a crispier crunch. They're lighter, crispier and bursting with real American flavour. Juicy T-Bone Steak. Savour the flavor from the U.S.A. You'll love 'em!”

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Company: KP Foods (United Kingdom)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy in London.

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