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Route 11 Garlic & Herb Potato Chips

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Route 11 Garlic & Herb Potato Chips

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Taste test: These are really, really good chips.

They taste like garlic bread. They're extremely crisp, somewhat thick and (if I didn't mention it before) quite good. Yum!

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Smell test: Not much aroma.

From the package: “Made in Limited Quantities, but in Unlimited Quality” ... “Old roads can take you to places your imagination has never heard of. Like Route 11 Potato Chips. Unimaginably great chips! The only secrets we can share about our recipe are that we dig up the best potatoes and cook with only the most respectable oil. One batch at a time, we pay tribute to this most honored vegetable. Crunchy, with all the potato flavor sealed in, and just a little bit of salt and seasoning, these chips are simply delicious. Our small factory in located in Middletown, Virginia, just a stone's throw from Route 11, the oldest paved route in the United States. This old road winds and stretches all the way from Northern New York to the Gulf of Mexico. It's a road rich with history and scenery, farms and small shops. In this tradition we bring you Route 11 Potato Chips. Enjoy!” ... “No MSG”

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Company: Route 11 Potato Chips

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