Skinny Sticks: Island Lime Chili (Lime & Chile Crunch!)
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Skinny Sticks: Island Lime Chili (Lime & Chile Crunch!)

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Taste test: First stick was about a finger length (approx.

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2.5 inches) and green. That must be the lime stick, I thought. The potato-cake flavor overwhelmed the Lime flavor; I was not impressed. I moved onto the yellowish-red stick (chili flavor). This little stick had a little kick to it. Next I sampled the lime stick again, and the lime flavor was more pronounced. I found as I continued to eat various combinations of sticks, the flavor intensified, but after consuming about 10 to 12 sticks, the potato cake flavor came back and left a strange aftertaste. A glass of water solved that problem and brought back the lime intensity. Also, these sticks aren't as salty as I would have liked. Unfortunately, the claim that you will get stuck to their sticks was true. I finished the whole bag in two sittings. The second sitting left me unsatisfied, however, because I ended up wanting more. And I also felt a little nauseated.

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Smell test: A little spicy with hint of lime, a definite Pringles-like potato odor.

From the package: “If you love to munch, you'll crave the crunch of our Skinny Sticks. Kind of like old-fashioned shoestring potato sticks without the center. Kind of like French Fries without the grease.” ... “Brand New & All Natural — a snack that's too good to be true! We're sure you'll get stuck on our sticks ... and that's a promise!”

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Company: Cool Fruits, Inc.

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Trivia: This bag cost $1.

This snack was discovered by Michelle Maher at Christmas Tree Shops.

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