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Hunky Dorys Spicy Ketchup Irish Potato Snack

Hunky Dorys Spicy Ketchup Irish Potato Snack

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Taste test: These are shaped like what Americans call potato sticks. They've got a strong, spicy (thought not hot) ketchup flavor, sort of like barbecue flavour. An excellent snack.

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Aroma: Good, spicy ketchup smell.

Manufacturer: Mr Perri (Ireland)

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From the package: "Delicious, crunchy snacks made from Irelands finest potatoes. Packed in a tube for extra freshness." ... "20% Reduced Fat Real Potato chips. After Opening, consume within 7 days. Packed in a protective atmosphere. This product may be subject to settling during transit."

This snack was discovered by Jeremy in Somerville, Massachusetts.

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