Sundance Hot Corn Chips

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Sundance Hot Corn Chips

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Taste test: These are great corn chips. They're more irregular in shape than Fritos with many smaller pieces and some sort of jagged-looking edges in some places. The color varies quite a bit from chip to chip, with some more yellow and some much more orange/brown, and the color seems to correspond directly with the heat level of the chip. The light ones taste like pretty much ordinary corn chips, but the dark ones have a heat that starts with a good some kick and then really grows stronger on you from there — much like the other hot varieties offered by Sundance. Make sure to have a beverage handy when you eat these, or they may leave you speechless.

Another opinion: We loved these chips. They seemed sweeter and lighter (less oil) than Fritos, and then the afterburn kicked in, towards the back of your throat. If you could handle the initial burn, you wanted more of these. A great snack if you can find it; keep water or other beverages nearby.

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Smell test: Very nice, spicy smell.

From the package: “The Untold Story as related by Marshall Mac Snacker: Now y'all know the Sundance Kid was one of the Old West's williest bank robbers, right? How could a small time Marshall like me catch the most wanted bank robber in the West you ask? CORN CHIPS! Yep, that's what I said, “CORN CHIPS"! An Indian Brave told me Sundance loved to pow-wow with Chief Big Chip because the Chief had a secret recipe for the best doggone CORN CHIPS anywhere, which kept Sundance comin' back for more! So I spread the word that Chief Big Chip would be movin' a wagon load of CORN CHIPS along with his secret recipe to town. Me and the boys set up an ambush, and sure enough, that varmint Sundance couldn't resist the lure of this favorite wavy potato chips. Sundance walked right into our trap!”

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