Cheez-It Party Mix

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Cheez-It Party Mix

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Taste test: This is an unimpressive snack mix.

They've thrown quite a few different items in here — Cheez-Its, sesame bread sticks, melba toast, pretzel sticks, knotted pretzels, some sort of cheese ball-like things, some heart-shaped things, some clover-shaped things, and a smaller kind of light-color melba toast too. None of these items stands out on its own, and combined, it's a very bland snack mix. The thing about Cheez-Its is that they're individually not that cheesy, but when you eat a whole bunch of them, collectively they're fairly cheesy. But the Cheez-Its are definitely in the minority in this bag, which renders the Cheez-It Effect useless, leaving you with barely any cheese taste at all.

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Smell test: Not much, slightly oily.

From the package: The long list of ingredients includes Reduced Iron, Brown Rice, Cheddar and Romano Cheese from Cow's Milk, Tomato and Paprika Oleoresin Color

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Company: Kellogg's

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