Skinny Natural Nacho Cheese Corn Chips
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Skinny Natural Nacho Cheese Corn Chips

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Taste test: These are OK but nothing great.

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Don't let the "corn chips" name make you think that these are anything like Fritos — they're thin and light, not thick and crunchy. They're shaped like half of a hollow sphere, and they're not very filling. You can eat a whole bunch of them without feeling full. That's actually a good thing. But my major complaint is with the cheese powder: it does not stick to the chips the way it should. Many of the chips have a big clump of powder stuck to their inside, and there's excess powder all over the place.

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Smell test: A strong cheez whiz-like aroma, not bad.

From the package: “You know what you want from your favorite salty snack ... great taste, zesty flavors, a crispy crunchy texture and the feeling of satisfaction that comes from a delicious treat. Unless you read labels carefully, you may be getting more than you bargained for. ... more calories, more cholesterol and a lot more fat. Compare what you're getting with other popular snacks and you will discover that, cup for cup, Skinny is the low-fat snack you've been searching for.”

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Company: Cool Fruits, Inc.

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Whole Foods Market (formerly Bread & Circus).

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