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Kettle Chips Salsa with Mesquite

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Kettle Chips Salsa with Mesquite

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Taste test: These are really good.

They've got a nice barbecue flavor — not really hot, but very flavorful and kind of addictive. There's even a nice crunch, as most Kettle Chips have.

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Smell test: Good rich barbecue chips smell, heavy on the mesquite.

From the package: “Produced in the heart of Oregon's beautiful Willamette Valley, we obtain the unique flavor of Kettle® Chips by selecting only premium locally grown Russet Potatoes, known for their full potato flavor and rich golden flavor.” ... “Our Salsa with Mesquite Kettle® brand potato chips impart a rich “Tex-Mex” flavor from our unique blend of tomato, honey, herbs & spices.”

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Company: Kettle Foods

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Trivia: Bag was 2/3 empty.

This snack was discovered by Richard at Fresh City.

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