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Humpty Dumpty Cruncheez

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Humpty Dumpty Cruncheez

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Taste test: Guest reviewer Christine Campbell reports: "Better than Cheetos! The cheese flavor went down very smoothly — smoother than Cheetos, I believe.

It's just the right blend of fake cheesiness and underlying corn from the twists themselves. The crunch felt just right, not eardrum-splitting nor mushy. These also get bonus points for low levels of cheese residue. I dropped a couple on my very pale khaki pants, and they left a smudge barely visible to the naked eye. Finger staining was typical, but nothing that a napkin couldn't wipe off. Just one downside: There seemed to be a dearth of the big Cruncheez, a.k.a. Cheeto de Milo.

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Smell test: Light cheese aroma, with a touch of corn.

From the package: “Satisfaction? It's in the bag.” ... Ingredients include Tartrazine #5, Tartrazine #5 Lake, Yellow #6 and Red #40.

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Company: Humpty Dumpty Potato Chip Co. (Canada)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy in Vermont.

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