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Pop Nots! Butter Flavor

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Taste test: When I ate one, it tasted like butter.

When I ate four more, it tasted liked the stuff at the bottom of a bowl of popcorn (bad and burnt, that is). Another opinion: I'm one of those people who like to eat some of the half-popped kernels. However, I don't like burnt ones, and this bag was full of them. It's as if the manufacturers of regular bags of popcorn took all of their rejected kernels and sold them to Pop Nots. They have other flavors, and I'd be willing to try the white cheddar flavor. I hope that they aren't burnt too.

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Smell test: Smells like burnt popcorn.

From the package: “Well, who doesn't dig through the popcorn just to get down to those crunchy, little, half-popped pieces near the bottom of the bowl? You know, the ones that have so much more “real corn” flavor than regular popcorn. We like them so much, we figured out a way to half-pop every piece and soften up the kernel so you can enjoy the great corn flavor you love in every bite of Popnots! How do we do it? Simple, first we kerpop® the rascals® and then we poppernot® the diggers® until they're just right. Enjoy!”

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Company: Foreman Foods Inc.

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This snack was discovered by Keith and Melissa.

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