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Wise Cheez Doodle O's

Snack Review

Wise Cheez Doodle O's

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Taste test: These are moderately crunchy cheese puffs — not as crunchy as a crunchy cheese curl, such as Crunchy Cheetos, but crunchier than a cheese puff, such as Jax.

They're circular in shape, with a hole in the middle. They're not quite as cheesy as Cheetos, but they do have a good amount of cheese. The level of cheese residue left on your hands is moderate.

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Smell test: Mild cheesy smell

From the package: “Made with real cheese!”

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Company: Wise Foods Inc.

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Trivia: The pictured bag cost 25 cents — a good value.

This snack was discovered by Jeremy in Somerville, Massachusetts.

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