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Barrel o' Fun Cheesy O's

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Barrel o' Fun Cheesy O's

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Taste test: These cheese puffs were shaped like slightly oversized Cheerios, so they were quite a bit smaller than your usual cheese puff.

They were also smaller than the similarly shaped Wise Cheese Doodle O's. They had a very good cheese flavor, not the strongest you'll taste among cheese puffs, but still quite good. The small size may have contributed to what seemed like a relatively low level of cheese, but this size definitely worked, as you could eat a whole of them without really consuming that much food, and several of our tasters could not resist doing just that. A nice new shape for cheese puffs.

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Smell test: Barely any. Just the slightest cheese puff smell.

From the package: “Beware of Cheese Goblin' ” ... “The Hairy Truth ... Despite what you might think, a polar bear's fur is not white. Each hair is a clear hollow tube. Polar bears look white beause each hollow hair reflects the light.”

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Company: Barrel o' Fun Snack Food Co.

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