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Troyer Farms Low Fat Crinkle Cut Potato Chips

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Troyer Farms Low Fat Crinkle Cut Potato Chips

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Taste test: These are very good ripple chips.

They've got lots of flavor without much salt. They're cut fairly thin, and they feel light in your mouth, yet they're fairly strong chips, should you choose to dip with them. Good crunch, too. And, most impressively, they just might be the least greasy potato chips anywhere — they leave no shine on your hands at all. Best I can tell, whatever Troyer Farms is claiming to have done to remove the oil is absolutely true.

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Smell test: Mild potatoey smell

From the package: “No Olestra!” ... “Made with fresh potatoes!” ... “Troyer Farms Low Fat Chips are lighter chips because they have been fried like regular potato chips, but the fat has been removed by a new and unique process unlike any other chips in the country. Compare them to full fat chips and you'll find they are as crunchy, tasty and flavorful, without all the fat. No synthetic fats or oils are used in this process so no warnings or statements of possible adverse medical reactions are necessary.” ... “Product aerated by removal of oil.”

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Company: Troyer Potato Products, Inc.

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