Pop-Tarts Mint Chocolate Chip

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Pop-Tarts Mint Chocolate Chip

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Taste test: These Pop-Tarts were brown with white frosting on one side, a squiggle of green frosting on top of the white frosting, and brown sprinkles (or, as we say in Boston, jimmies) on top of the frosting.

Inside each Pop-tart was a brown mint chocolate filling. I tried a toasted one and an untoasted one, and things worked out pretty good in both cases. There was with a good mix of mint and chocolate, and the whole thing was moist enough that don't need to have it with milk, though it was quite good when I did. The taste didn't really remind me of mint chocolate chip ice cream (my favorite flavor) but it was still a good taste.

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Smell test: Good mint chocolate smell.

From the package: “Tastes Delicious Frozen!” ... “Naturally & Artificially Flavored”

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Company: Kellogg's

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Market Basket. Review published .

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