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Kettle Chips Aztec Chocolate

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Kettle Chips Aztec Chocolate

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Taste test: Chocolate-flavored potato chips are a rarity, so when Kettle Chips included these among the five varieties in the People's Choice 2007 promotion, I was eager to try them.

The wide-rippled, kettle-cooked chips were not chocolate-coated, but rather seasoned with a powdery mixture along the lines of most flavored potato chips. The taste was supposed to combine chocolate, cinnamon and some heat. The crispness was excellent, there was a big crunch, and I liked the taste — but what I tasted was a bit of the cinnamon, a good helping of heat and various other subtle flavors. If I hadn't known that the flavor was supposed to be chocolate, I might have never guessed.

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Smell test: Very mildly cinnamony, even milder chocolatey smell, but nice.

From the package: “Chocolate is good on everything. Here is a chip both sweet and savory, with hits of red chili spice and the lightest kiss of cinnamon to accentuate the rich, Dagoba® Organic Chocolate flavor. You could say this chip has been waiting to be made since the Aztecs first figured out how to make chocolate from the cacao bean. They drank theirs, but we lick our chooclate-coated fingers after eating this delicacy.”

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Company: Kettle Foods

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