Sun Chips Original Flavor Multigrain Snacks

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Sun Chips Original Flavor Multigrain Snacks

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Taste test: These have an interesting taste, I much prefer either the French onion or Harvest Cheddar flavor, but these are OK if you're in a bind with no other snacks available.

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These kind of taste like a mixture of a corn chip and a Triscuit. Not bad, but again the flavored versions are better.

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Smell test: Kind of a corn smell.

From the package: “SUNCHIPS® brand Multigrain Snacks are made from a special blend of whole wheat, corn and other natural grains, cooked until lightly crisp and crunchy. Combined, these three wholesome grains make a delicious chip with the golden goodness of corn and nut-like flavor of wheat.” ... "SUNCHIPS® brand Multigrain Snacks are a unique combination of great taste, great crunchy and hearty grains rolled into one remarkable chip.”

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Company: Frito-Lay

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