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Ozark Mountain Popcorn Cinnamon Roll

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Ozark Mountain Popcorn Cinnamon Roll

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Taste test: The popcorn in this bag came in three colors, with some white pieces, some bright pinkish red cinnamon pieces, and some your standard caramel corn color.

At first I thought that the colors corresponded to different flavors, but after eating a few, I wasn't so sure. The white ones seemed to have a vanilla flavor. Couldn't tell whether the red ones or the brown ones — or neither, or both — were the cinnamon onesk, as the flavor seemed to vary from one kernel to the next. But overall, there was a mild cinnamon flavor. With the bright red color, I was sort of expecting a hot cinnamon flavor (like Hot Tamales candy) but there was nothing like that.

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Smell test: Strong, sweet, very nice cinnamon sugar type of smell.

From the package: “New Larger Size!” ... The bag listed separate ingredients for each kind of popcorn included, with lists for Popcorn Caramel Corn, Cinnamon Corn, Cheese Corn and Other Gourmet Corn.

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Company: Ozark Mountain Popcorn LLC

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