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Hershey's Sticks Smooth and Creamy Caramel Filled Milk Chocolate

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Hershey's Sticks Smooth and Creamy Caramel Filled Milk Chocolate

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Taste test: This box contained nine individually wrapped Sticks, each about the same length and thickness as your typical Hershey bar, but considerably narrower.

The widest part of the bar measured just under 1/4 inch, with a narrower top, thanks to the trapezoidal profile. The taste was very good, just what you would expect from a Hershey bar filled with a thin stripe of caramel along its entire length. The stick shape helped make a fairly small total amount of chocolate (just 60 calories) seem like more. This box was fairly pricey for not all that much total chocolate, but both taste and presentation were impressive.

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Smell test: Very nice caramel and chocolate smell.

From the package: “Since 1894, Hershey has built a tradition and heritage in high quality chocolate. Discover the delicious and exquisite taste of New Hershey®'s Sticks, silky smoth and creamy chocolate sticks that will melt in your mouth, deliverying a symphony of pleasure to your senses. Our chocolate specialists blend only the rickest and finest ingredients to create these very special treats. Best of all, each stick is individually wrapped, sized to perfection, and 60 calories or less for convenient, indulgent and guilt-free enjoyment. Treat yourself to something special.”

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Company: Hershey

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