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Chomppers Chocolatey Crunchy Fruity Candy

Chomppers Chocolatey Crunchy Fruity Candy

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Taste test: The nine large chocolate balls in this bag looked like dark chocolate from the outside, and they were each flattened on one side.

Biting into them felt sort of like biting into a Whopper, with a similar crunching sensation as the teeth broke into the foam-like interior. However, the taste was quite different, as there was an immediate sweet fruity flavor. The taste was decent, with a definite difference in flavors among the various fruit fillings, none really awful (except maybe the cherry), but none anything special.

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Smell test: An OK fruity chocolate smell, similar to other chocolate covered fruit jelly-type candies.

From the package: “Naturally and artificially flavored” ... “6 flavors: Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Grape, Orange, Strawberry, Watermelon”

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Company: Impact Confections, Inc.

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