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Special K Bar Chocolatey Drizzle

Special K Bar Chocolatey Drizzle

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Taste test: This bar had a similar consistency to a Rice Krispies Treat, except with Special K instead of Rice Krispies, of course, and the sweet stuff holding it together was less marshmallowy.

There was a light wiggly drizzle of chocolate across the top of the bar. The taste was pretty good. Kellogg's is pushing this as a "90 Calories Per Bar" so this might be a good alternative for those who tried the various 100 Calorie snacks and decided that they're still eating too much and need to eat just a little bit less.

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Smell test: A little chocolatey.

From the package: “90 calories” ... “Enjoy the chocolatey taste and still keep your shape with Special K® Bar chocolatey drizzle 90 calories impossibly big taste” ... “Eating right and exercise is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle” ... “Kellogg's® Special K® offers a wide variety of nutritious options”

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Company: Kellogg's

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