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Doritos Nacho Cheese 100 Calorie Mini Bites

Doritos Nacho Cheese 100 Calorie Mini Bites

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Taste test: These are miniature versions of Doritos Nacho Cheese, the grand-daddy of all nacho cheese tortilla chips.

They tasted exactly the same as a regular Doritos Nacho Cheese chips, only smaller. Each bag contains enough chips to reach 100 calories when you're done with the bag, so if you only eat one bag in a sitting you're actually doing OK in the nutrition area (just don't open up another bag, use these for lunches or something). With the help of our mathification and geometry calculator, I determined that four of the mini bites would create approximately the same shape as one normal-shaped Doritos corn chip. If you run into me in the street I'll draw it for you.

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Smell test: Each individual bag smells like a bag of Doritos, but only 100 calories worth.

From the package: “Introducing Doritos 100 Calorie Mini Bites Chips ... a great tasting snack with perfect portions 'right-sized' just for you. Quick, easy & portable, Doritos 100 Calorie Chips are an ideal snack for home, work or when you're out & about. At 100 calories per pack it's a great tasting snack designed to fit your lifestyle!”

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Company: Frito-Lay

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This snack was discovered by Keith at Stop & Shop. Review published .

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