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Jolly Time Mallow Magic Microwave Popcorn

Jolly Time Mallow Magic Microwave Popcorn

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Taste test: I kept seeing this advertised as one of the sponsors of The Price is Right, but could never find it. Finally, some local stores started carrying it.

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Normally we don't review microwave popcorn, because of the backbreaking work involved in cooking it. However, we bend the rules a bit when we find flavors that are unique or ones that I just have to try.

Mallow Magic comes in a box with two pouches of microwave popcorn and two pouches of marshmallow "sauce" that gets poured (or drizzled) on the popcorn after you've popped it. I'm pretty sure the popcorn pops up regular (there's no flavor on the popcorn itself when you pop it). After you've poured the popped corn into a bowl, you pour on the marshmallow sauce and smell the marshmallow goodness on the hot popcorn. My wife insists that it stinks up the whole house, but I disagree.

The popcorn is very, very sticky when you eat it, worse than regular buttered popcorn, so have napkins ready. The marshmallow sauce gives the popcorn a very sweet taste (almost like eating a Rice Krispie treat), so if you don't like sweet popcorn, avoid this. Overall, this is a great treat if you're into marshmallow and popcorn and want to try the two tastes together.

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Smell test: Smells a little bit like marshmallow before you pop it. Smells a lot like marshmallow after you pop it.

From the package: “Yummy Marshmallow Flavor”

Online store: Buy popcorn on Amazon #ad

Company: American Pop Corn Company

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