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Taste test: This snack combines plain popcorn with stripes of chocolate.

They're not covered or soaked in chocolate; instead you get about 20% chocolate coverage. So you get a mixture of chocolate with popcorn taste, not just chocolate. I enjoyed most the ones where the chocolate stripes held together several kernels, producing a nice-size bite to pop into your mouth. Another opinion: Normally, I'm a big fan of combining tastes to create a new flavor. Someday, someone will come out with Mayonnaise and Ketchup Flavor (a.k.a. Russian dressing) potato chips, and I'll be first in line to taste it. However, combining chocolate with popcorn didn't do it for me. At first I thought the whole piece of popcorn would be covered in chocolate, much like you get with caramel corn. But in this case, only part of the kernel was covered. Secondly, the popcorn wasn't salted, something that may have improved the taste. Look at chocolate-covered pretzels: the salt/sweet combination gives your taste buds a definite response — you either like it or hate it. With this, it was like you took a swig of chocolate, then chomped on some popcorn -- the combination didn't work for me.

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Smell test: The popcorn smelled like it was burnt a little. Maybe I shouldn't have smelled the bag first. [Editor's note: Keith, author of "another opinion" above and this aroma section, is required under contract to smell the bag first.]

From the package: “Watch out! Because when you bite the stripe of this incredibly delicious tasting chocolaty popcorn you will go absolutely nuts. We at Zebra Snacks™ take pride in driving you bonkers with this awesome creation made in our top secret laboratory far far away. So please grab a stripe, hold it tight and take a bite. You will thank us.”

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Company: Zebra Snacks

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