Crunchy Jax Twists

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Crunchy Jax Twists

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Taste test: Bachman redesigned their crunchy cheese puffs bag and made a slight name change.

If you are familiar with Crunchy Cheetos, these are basically the same thing: Hard, crunchy, loaded with cheese and coated with plenty of orange powder to get stuck on your fingers. They tasted about the same as Cheetos, although the flavor had slightly less cheese and more corn. It would be interesting to do a blind taste test to see if people could tell the difference between these and Cheetos. One plus to this bag was it was almost completely full to the top with Jax. That's much better than the bags that are filled with lots of air.

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Smell test: Doesn't smell like cheese, but does smell like a bag of crunchy cheese puffs.

From the package: “Wow!! Twist maximum crunch with Real Cheddar Cheese for ... Crunchy Jax Twists. Crunchy Jax Twists are earthquake-ably crunchy and showered with Bachman's classic real Cheddar Cheese. Crunchy Jax Twists ... ask for more!”

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Company: Utz

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This snack was discovered by Keith at Old Colony Market, Southborough, Massachusetts. Review published .

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