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M&M's Peanut Jedi Mix

M&M's Peanut Jedi Mix

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Taste test: This M&M's assortment had just five colors: light green, light blue, mustard yellow, beige and white.

That was a surprisingly small variety of colors, but I think the colors might be intended to match the light beams emited from various Jedis' light sabers. The one Luke is holding in the picture on the bag has a light blue beam very simlar to the color of the M&M. They tasted the same as normal, non-Jedi Peanut M&Ms.

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Smell test: Strong peanutty chocolate smell.

From the package: “Darth Vader is your what? ... “Join the Jedi™ Choose milk chocolate” ... “Collector Pack 10 of 72” ... “Galactic Gossip: Admiral Ackbar comes from a planet called Mon Calamari. Orange, as out-of-this-world as he thinks he tastes, comes from an ordinary old planet Earth. 73 of 75”

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Company: Masterfoods USA (a division of Mars, Incorporated)

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