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Cheetos X&O Pizza Flavored Corn Snack

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Cheetos X&O Pizza Flavored Corn Snack

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Taste test: These were shaped like X's and O's, similar to other Cheetos varieties, but these had a very mild pizza flavor.

It wasn't a bad taste, but neither the cheese nor the tomato flavor was strong, so I definitely would not apply the "dangerously cheesy" label that is used on many other varieties of Cheetos. The X's had some curve to them, sort of like the shape you would get if you drew an X on a sphere. Some of the X's had a piece broken off and looked like Y's.

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Smell test: Smells like pizza sauce.

From the package: “Produced for megadim” ... “Kosher Parve. Lelo Cashash Tevel Ushevi'it"”

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Company: Elite Confectionery Ltd. (Israel)

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This snack was discovered by Amitai in Israel. Review published .

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