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Shearer's Whole Grain Tortilla Chips

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Shearer's Whole Grain Tortilla Chips

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Note: This snack has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Taste test: These triangular tortilla chips were pretty good, with a nice corn taste, but they were generally fairly flat and kind of brittle, which was less than ideal for dipping.

The taste was a little different from that standard non-whole-grain tortilla chips, but really not very different. The texture was a bit grittier, but not bad at all.

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Smell test: Decent corn smell. Kind of dry.

From the package: “Whole grain flour is different than traditional milled flour because it retains important parts of the corn kernel. Definition: Whole grains. Foods made from the entire grain seed, usually called the kernel, which consists of the bran, germ and endosperm. The USDA recommends eating 3 servings of whole grain each day.”

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Company: Shearer's

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