Ass Kickin' Corn Chips

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Ass Kickin' Corn Chips

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Taste test: I was seriously disappointed when I opened this bag and found tortilla chips (like Doritos) instead of corn chips (like Fritos).

These tasted like the taco-shell variety of tortilla chips, rather than the nacho cheese variety. When eating one that didn't have a lot of powder on it, at first it was like eating a taco shell, not anything super-hot. After a few seconds, the heat did kick in, with a pretty good habanero pepper taste and burn. (Have a glass of water ready.) Once you're used to the taste, grab a chip with a lot of powder on it and lick it off to feel the really big kick — we had to reach for the water a lot quicker this way. The bag had a lot of chips in it, and the "corn chips" were generally unbroken.

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Smell test: Smells like taco shells.

From the package: “The rough and rugged country of the Southwest is where the Ass Kickin™ mule lives. He spends his time inventing new Ass Kickin™ products to satisfy his need for food that puts 'hair on your saddlehorn!' One day he got a powerful hankerin' for corn chips. He tried many kinds, but just couldn't find one with any 'giddy-up'. This put a bur under his saddle, so he set out to make Ass Kickin™ Corn Chips. First off he rustled up the best darn corn tortilla chips in the Southwest, then he treated 'em to enough of his special 'Ass Kickin™ Seasonings' to set yer spurs a jinglin!' And they did! Why our Ass Kickin™ Corn Chips are so hot they'll singe the fringe right off yer chaps! So if yer one of them folks who gets a knot in yer bit when the chips don't 'bite,' try our Ass Kickin™ Corn Chips. We think they're just what all you long horns have been lookin' for!”

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Company: Southwest Specialty Food, Inc.

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This snack was discovered by Jason Meserve at Le Gourmet Chef. Review published .

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