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Jacobsen's Snack Toast Cinnamon Raisin

Jacobsen's Snack Toast Cinnamon Raisin

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Taste test: This was basically cinnamon toast in a box, saving the work of applying cinnamon and the need for a toaster.

Each of the 16 pieces was the same thickness and width as a standard piece of bread, but only about an inch and a half tall. They had a good crunch and tasted very good, but didn't match the deliciousness of fresh cinnamon toast. Lots of crumbs and cinnamon sugar came off when I ate them, so bring a plate. Jacobsen's must have some secret, because if you just make toast and then let it sit around, it will get stale, but this packaged toast was not stale.

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Smell test: Good raisin and cinnamon smell.

From the package: “Low Fat - No Cholesterol - Low Sodium” ... “Crunch it. Dunk it. Add a favorite topping or enjoy iy right from the box. The crispy, fresh-baked taste makes Cinnamon Raisin Snack Toast a family favorite. You'll love the wholesome goodness — a perfect choice for today's healthier eating.”

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Company: Jacobsen's Toast, a division of Log House Foods, Inc.

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