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Tom's Nacho Rings Cheese Flavored Corn Snack

Tom's Nacho Rings Cheese Flavored Corn Snack

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Taste test: Light and airy like a cheese puff, only in ring shape. Airier than Planters Cheez Mania. They kind of melt in your mouth. They taste like, and have the consistency of, the granddaddy of all cheese snacks, Bachman's Jax.

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Aroma: Cheesy

Manufacturer: Tom's Snacks Co.

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From the package: "Hey snackers! STOP and ENJOY the flavor of Tom's Nacho Rings. The EXTRA cheesey, light and crispy corn SNACK that will ACCELERATE your taste buds from idle to FULL THROTTLE in less than a handful. Tom's Nacho Rings ... HIGH OCTANE fuel for the tummy!"

Trivia: Contains Yellow 6 Lake.

This snack was discovered by Keith.

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