Poker Snacks Texas Hold 'Em
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Poker Snacks Texas Hold 'Em

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Taste test: These tiny potato puffs had hollow shapes of the four suits in a deck of cards.

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They had the consistency and crunch of Funyuns, without the onion taste. The chili and cheese flavor was OK, although the potato taste overpowered any chili and/or cheese flavoring. After you eat enough of these, it will feel like you've just eaten a bowl of chili (I suppose without the nasty side effects). Overall, these were OK, not great. The uniqueness of the shapes and design of the bag had appeal, but I wouldn't rush to buy another bag for my next poker party (unless I were Martha Stewart and had a whole "theme" going on with my poker party and needed to have appropriately shaped snacks).

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Smell test: Smells definitely like taco powder, which a lot of chili cheese snacks smell like.

From the package: “Poker 101. Stone Cold Nuts — The best holding possible in a hand of poker that will win the entire pot.”

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Company: Snack Alliance, Inc.

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