Lay's Stax Jalapeno Cheddar Potato Crisps

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Lay's Stax Jalapeno Cheddar Potato Crisps

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Taste test: I'm not a giant huge fan of jalapeno-flavored chips (or crisps), so I wasn't looking forward to trying out these snacks.

However, I'm a huge fan of the Stax brand of potato crisps. They've won me over with their thicker cut than Pringles. So I decided to try out this limited-edition flavor. The crisps were the usual Stax color, with a lot of orange powder and some green speckles on one side. (This was a different approach than Pringles Jalapeño Cheddar, which started out by coloring the whole crisp green.) When you crunch in, you taste mostly the potato crisp, with a slight hint of jalapeño. The jalapeño flavor didn't really kick in until the aftertaste, leaving a slight burn in the mouth — but nothing compared to other jalapeño chips from more daring chipmakers. When I licked the powder off the crisp, I got more of a jalapeno kick, and a slight cheddar taste. Despite the orange powder, these crisps were more jalapeno-flavored than cheddar flavored. If you're looking for more of a burn, I would recommend licking the crisp instead of just crunching into it. Overall it was a decent crisp, but if you're looking to put your mouth on fire, try a different snack.

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Smell test: A slight peppery aroma, you can sort of smell the jalapenos.

From the package: “Get your smile on!” ... “With Lay's Stax Jalapeño Cheddar Naturally and Artificially Flavored Potato Crisps! Terrific for Tailgates!”

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Company: Frito-Lay

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This snack was discovered by Keith at Old Colony Market, Southborough, Massachusetts. Review published .

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