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Cadbury Brunch Bar

Cadbury Brunch Bar

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Taste test: This bar had a chocolate coating on all sides except the top, where you could see Rice Krispies and other cereal, plus raisins and oats.

It tasted good, with the most noticeable tastes being the chocolate and the raisins. The texture was quite soft and easy to bite into. Despite the chocolate, the bar wasn't so sweet that you would need a glass of milk to balance things out. I'm not sure what makes this a Brunch Bar (usually cereal and chocolate dosen't constitute a brunch), but it was still a pretty good snack.

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Smell test: Good Cadbury chocolate smell.

From the package: “Oats, Bran Flakes, Raisins, Crispies & Honey in a Bed of Cadbury's Milk Chocolate” ... “Cereal and Raisin Bar Half Covered in Milk Chocolate”

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Company: Cadbury (United Kingdom)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Kiki's Kwik-Mart, Brighton, Massachusetts. Review published .

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