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Yum Yum Bacon Chips

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Yum Yum Bacon Chips

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Taste test: Sort of a hybrid bacon and barbecue taste.

Not the best bacon chips ever, but they're pretty good. They stick to your teeth.

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Smell test: Good bacon smell, sort of sweet and barbecuey.

From the package: “More taste in every crunch!” ... “Take the 'Yum Yum Taste Test' for yourself and you'll see. Breathe deeply and concentrate on the Yum Yum chip in the palm of your hand. Now gently place the chip (this is the tricky part) on your tongue for just a moment before you give it a good crunch. The result: perfectly crispy and terrifically tasty every time. Give in the the temptation.”

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Company: Les Croustilles Yum Yum Enr. (Canada)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Dollarama.

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