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Hershey's Twosomes Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate with Mini Reese's Pieces

Hershey's Twosomes Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate with Mini Reese's Pieces

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Taste test: At first glance, this sounded like a blatant ripoff of the M&M's M-Azing Peanut Butter Bar, which is a chocolate bar filled with a peanut butter version of mini-M&M's. But since the "peanut butter M&M's" in that bar are a blatant ripoff of Reese's Pieces, maybe the blame actually goes the other way. Then again, since Reese's Pieces were originally a peanut butter ripoff of M&M's (but endorsed by ET), who knows?

As for the actual bar, the Reese's Pieces were very sparse in this chocolate bar. The pieces that were there were probably too big, as they seemed to hurt the structural integrity of the bar — portions of the bar went flying when I opened the bar and also flew off a couple of times as I ate it. The chocolate was very creamy, maybe a little too sweet. Overall, nothing special.

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Smell test: God but mild chocolate smell, and indeed a creamier smell than the standard Hershey's Bar.

From the package: “Mfd. in Mexico for The Hershey Company”

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Company: Hershey

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Walgreen's. Review published .

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