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Soyitos Soy & Corn Snacks Mexican BBQ

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Soyitos Soy & Corn Snacks Mexican BBQ

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Taste test: These chips roughly resembled Doritos in appearance, with a different but still good texture.

They were the best of the soy chips we've tried, with lots of crunch (even more crunch than Doritos) and an excellent Mexican BBQ flavor, really quite tasty. The eating experience was nothing like Doritos, but it was still quite good. There was a very, very slight hint of soy taste at the end, but other than that, you would not know that these were soy chips.

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Smell test: Very nice tangy smell, definitely differemt than Doritos, quite nice.

From the package: “70% Less Fat than Potato Chips” ... “The Healthy Natural Snack” ... “7g Protein” ... “At isnack we combine our custom blend of premium soy and corn with the finest natural ingredients to create the best-tasting, heart-healthy snacks.” ... “Low in Fat, High in Protein, Full of Flavor. It's the Heart-Healthy Smart Snack.”

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Company: iSnack Inc.

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