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Hershey's Twosomes Whoppers

Hershey's Twosomes Whoppers

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Taste test: This snack combined a Hershey's chocolate bar and Whoppers malted milk balls.

At first it looked and tasted like a Nestle Crunch Bar (or Krackle if you want to stay within the Hershey's company), but instead of bits of crispy rice cereal, the crunch was replaced by crushed Whoppers malt ball filling. The taste was basically the equivalent of taking a bite of a Hershey's bar and then throwing some malt balls into your mouth. I didn't much enjoy the combination that much, I don't see much of a need to mess with something as good as a regular Hershey's bar.

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Smell test: Smells like chocolate.

From the package: “Limited Edition” ... “Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate with Crispy Mated Rice Balls Artificially Flavored”

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Company: Hershey

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This snack was discovered by Keith at Walgreen's. Review published .

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