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California Chips Earthquake Potato Chips

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California Chips Earthquake Potato Chips

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Taste test: These chips were very crisp, and they were extremely tasty, with a flavor combination unlike any we've tried previously. The bag explains that these chips include salt & vinegar, jalapeño, barbecue and sour cream & onion, and you really can taste all of those things (even if the bag's story of how they came up with the mix of flavors is quite suspect).

The taste was sort of a sweet barbecue with smooth onion, a mild heat, and a strong vinegar zing. Despite the Earthquake name, there were many large, unbroken chips in the bag.

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Smell test: Nice potatoey, slightly barbecuey, kind of vinegary smell.

From the package: “You can't think of California without thinking of Earthquakes. But Earthquake flavored potato chips? One night a few years ago, a nice sized tremor hit near our factory. We heard it was about 6.3 on the Richter Scale. When we came in the following morning all of our spices had fallen into the same mixing vat. We thought we had a loss on our hands. But when we tasted what we had, we loved it! The chips are sour like our Salt & Vinegar, have a little heat like our Jalapeno, are a little sweet like our Mesquite Barbecue, and have lot of creamy onion goodness from our Sour Cream and Onion.”

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Company: California Chip Company

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