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Cocoa Nuts Cafe

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Cocoa Nuts Cafe

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Taste test: These irregularly shaped items came in a variety of sizes, with a generally good crunch and a a nice cocoa taste.

There was not a lot of coffee in them (if any) which was fine with me, as I'm not a coffee drinker. I'm not generally an almond eater either, but I liked the taste of these. A few of the ones in this large bag were a bit tough to bite into. The outside of them was coated with unsweetened cocoa, so if you sucked on one instead of biting in, you got plain unsweetened cocoa taste (ick) but biting in gave a good sweet cocoa taste.

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Smell test: Good cocoa smell.

From the package: “hand made” ... “crunchy” ... “Cocoa Nuts are hand made praline almonds dipped in premium chocolate and rolled in natural cocoa & spices.”

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Company: Cocoa Designs

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