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Atkins Advantage Cookies 'N Creme Bar

Atkins Advantage Cookies 'N Creme Bar

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Taste test: This bar looked like a brownie inside, with a white coating on all sides (but the coating was very thin on the bottom).

It tasted OK, especially considering it was low carb, with a decent creamy chocolate taste and an odd sweet aftertaste. Better with a glass of cold milk, but not awful on its own. The inside of the bar was very crumbly, so little pieces of the inside flew off and made a small mess as I ate it.

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Smell test: There's a cookies and creme smell, but it's sort of chemically.

From the package: “The Original Low Carb Lifestyle™” ... “Naturally and artificially flavored” ... “2g net carbs” ... “Product of Canada”

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Company: Atkins Nutritionals, Inc.

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