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Atkins Advantage S'mores Bar

Atkins Advantage S'mores Bar

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Taste test: This energy bar didn't really have the taste to merit the s'mores flavor in its name.

It had a chocolate coating on the outside, but really no chocolate taste that I could notice. The inside had the color of graham crackers, but not the texture, and only remotely the taste. The whole thing was sweet, and maybe remotely had a slight taste of marshmallow, but there was no actual marshmallow layer, just a few white spots on the inside. Overall, OK but not very good. I suppose if you're on the Atkins Diet and they let you eat something this sweet, you're doing OK.

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Smell test: Not chocolatey at all, maybe remotely like graham crackers, and kind of like chalk.

From the package: “For those controlling their carbs, count only 3 grams of the 26 grams of the total carbs in this product. Subtract fiber (11g), glycerin (8g) and lacitol (4g) which all have a minimal impact on blood sugar.” ... “The Original Low Carb Lifestyle™”

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Company: Atkins Nutritionals, Inc.

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