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PowerBar Harvest Banana Nut

PowerBar Harvest Banana Nut

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Taste test: This wide, thick bar had a beige sugary coating on the bottom and half of the edges, and the uncoated part looked looked a granola bar.

It was easy to bite off a piece, and the taste and texture was marginal — very dense and a little gritty, slightly sweet with some banana flavor. Acceptable if you need a portable source of quick energy, but nothing great. Definitely heed the warning on the label and have a beverage with this bar, because you will want something to wash away the taste and aftertaste. Personally, I'd much rather eat a good banana than have banana-flavored anything.

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Smell test: Definitely smells like bananas and nuts.

From the package: “Suggested use: Drink 8 ounces of water with each PowerBar Harvest® to aid in the absorption of nutrients.” ... “Fills You Up 3g Fiber 7g Protein” ... “Whole Grain Energy Bar” ... “PowerBar Harvest® bars are a great tasting, nutritious snack that help fill you up and keep you going between meals. Each PowerBar Harvest® bar has whole rains, fiber, soy protein and 16 essential vitamins & minerals. Snack healthy, anytime!”

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Company: PowerBar Inc.

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