Peppa-Roni Snack Chips

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Peppa-Roni Snack Chips

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Taste test: These round tortilla chips had a dark red coloring to simulate a pepperoni slice, and the slices were slightly bigger than what you'd find on a typical pizza.

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The chips were covered with a pepperoni flavor powder, with some chips having more powder than others. They tasted like pepperoni-flavored tortilla chips, so if you like eating pepperoni plain, you'll like these chips. We had about four or five chips before our mouths got spicy enough that we had to take a sip of our favorite beverages. We could also see serving these with cheese, or even cheese dip.

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Smell test: They got the smell right — smells like pepperoni.

From the package: “Peppa-Roni chips are masterfully created for pepperoni lovers. With real pepperoni in the chip and topped with parmesan cheese, tomato, delicious herbs and spices, we've made the perfect snack chip for anytime and anywhere. Now, pepperoni is not just for pizzas. You can grab a bag or two and just go. Share Peppa-Roni chips with your family and friends, they'll love them too!”

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Company: Snak King

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This snack was discovered by Keith at Safeway grocery store, Scottsdale, Arizona. Review published .

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